Saturday, June 22, 2013

I Finally Got Him

JD always owns my soul.  He just destroys me, day in and day out, and this is very frustrating because...well, for a lot of reasons.  Obviously losing is frustrating, but this guy is also pretty borderline crazy (like, actually, to the point it makes me uncomfortable sometimes to play with him) and plays like a stone cold animal sporadically.  He has a history of looking like a genius against me when really his idiotic bluff just so happened to run into the one or two hands I can't call down with.  To wit

I raise in late position an idiot calls behind me and he calls the bb.  The flop?


And he just donks right out.  Fire away...I raise because I have a pair of 8s in the hole and want the idiot to give up, then I'll just call JD down no matter what happens.  But the idiot calls instantly (he's a new idiot to me...seems super loose and passive so far) and JD of course three bets and the captain r truth of it (it always takes 2) comes into play.  I call, idiot calls, turn is a 5 and I just give up because I literally have 50 some combos of tens, all 9 sets, and 24 overpairs here it's OK to fold 88 or 99 when even the "bluffs" he has are supposed to have 8s and 9s in them (so they are reduced further) AND the idiot behind me is supposed to have a 10 some of the time and well you know how this goes idiot calls river pairs the 3 JD fires gets called and turns over J9o and the idiot scoops with the Q7s.  That's just the way it goes with JD.

But not today lol.  Today he did something silly like he always does (open complete the small blind, then act shocked when I don't raise the big blind which will happen yeesh I don't know a lot of the time).  Normally what would happen here is that since I have the 32o I will flop a pair and pay him off on all three streets.  And we start off just like that


That's literally the flop, the canonical dry board not a single possible draw in site and of course I call.

But then we depart from the script!  Instead of me calling and calling and getting shown how expertly he played his AA or whatever, we walk down one of the alternate endings.  I turn a 3, giving me bottom two pair.  I raise him and to this point we stay right on script;  he 3 bets.  I four bet, and he just calls.  We are still on track for the alternate ending of him making two pair on the river or me getting counterfeited doesn't happen!  He checks and calls the river 6 and I  We are playing 4 handed and the other two players make a big scene, one saying "you're so lucky he didn't raise preflop!" and the other saying "I guess he put you on a draw!"  It was pretty hilarious.

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