Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Thank Goodness

So for the first time today I brought my phone down to the pool to use for splits.  As I was slogging through the first set of 200s I was appalled at just how slowly I was going.  On day one I started off with a set of these on 3:15, and had no trouble completing them in 2:40-2:45 (which gave me 30 seconds of rest, which was great).  Today I was coming in north of 3:00, even creeping up to 3:15, and had to put the set on 3:30.  Of course I felt slow, but I didn't feel THAT slow.  By the end of the workout an idea was well formed in my head;  what if the community pool is the second (only second) 25 meter pool you've ever seen in your entire life?

Well guess what...that fucker is 82 feet long!  I went down there with a 12 foot tape measure and walked it off and there is to quote a wise man "NOOOO doubt about it".  So I've swum 11,500 meters, not yards, in that pool.  Carry the one that's....

12576.55 yards

For an addition 1076.55 to my bottom line.

Total Yards To Date:  20076.55

This discovery could save me.


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