Friday, June 14, 2013

All That Said...

This is a funny one really.  I drove up to play today for a few hours and was deciding where to go  mid commute (an old, tiresome, and unsafe practice) which involved making four phone calls, two to each casino.  The funny part is pretty simple.  Here are the transcripts of my two calls to Commerce:

Call 1

Me:  "What limit hold 'em games do you have running?"
Anonymous Useful Floor:  "I have a 20/40, a 40/80, and a 1/2 hold 'em"
Me:  "How many handed is the 1/2?"
AUF:  "Looks handed"

15 minutes later I call back to see if the 1/2 still looks like I can get in.

Call 2

Marcel:  "Yo baby what's happenin'?"
Me:  "Hi Marcel, It's ARC.  What limit hold 'em games do you have running?"
Marcel:  "I have no games at all"
Me:  "None?"
Marcel:  "not a one!"

So obviously I drove to Commerce got a seat in the 1/2 and asked Marcel specifically to list me for the 20 and the 40.  I'm not sure why exactly he hates me.  In fact I'm surprised he even recognized my initials.  Perhaps it know what, it's me telling him he made an awful ruling last week when he made an awful ruling.  I guess that's it.  But I mean...really?

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