Monday, May 14, 2012

Quick Update

Things have been going fine so far at LA's Friendliest.  I still am simply not allowed to run well, but the games are, objectively, typically fantastic.  So what if my 99 cannot defeat 43s on A94r (he made a flush) or 85dd on TT5 (he did not make a flush AND checked the turn when the 5 hit)?  These people are just not very good at poker and in the long run I'm going to win, I just hope it takes less than 20 racks to get going in the right direction.  And the goodness the 60.  The bullshit you have to go through to get into that game is simply stunning, but sometimes it's absolutely worth it.  Sometimes you maroon yourself in the worst game in the room and have to log out and play 20 for a while waiting your 2 hours out of the 40, but sometimes it's just...amazing.  There have been 2 games every day of late, and they've been simply outta sight.

So yeah, I guess things are going fine "post bike" or whatever.  I'm actually not hating being at Commerce every day;  I have some friends I see daily, and that's always good, and a lot of the people really aren't complete scumbags.  I mean, sure, some of them are, but playing 40 and 60 actually seems to be a good bit better than grinding my face off in the 20.  So that's...good.  And honestly there aren't as many pro grinders wondering around as I feared there would be.  Sure there are always a few doing their thing, but really the games just aren't very "crowded", which I guess is what all the people who have refused to play at the bike have been saying all this time.

In far, so good.

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