Thursday, May 3, 2012

Even For Me

This was pretty silly. Here is the timeline of events so far for my 75 minute in the commerce top section

10:35 - Arrive. List for 20 40 and 60. I'm 5th up for 20, 1 game, 2nd up for 40, one game, and 8th up for 60, no game.

10:40 - Ask Kim "don't you have a home" to which she responds "can't afford one." Buy coffee. Attempt google hangout with Danielle. Fail. Talk to Walter about the dusty ass Bike.

11:10 - Start new 20 game with Walter 6 handed. As we start they lock a seat in the main game deftly to protect out fragile rake machine.

11:12 - Called for 40. I am on the button and tell Walter "something bad is going to happen to this game"

11:13 - Floor claims it's a false alarm, guy is coming back. Obvious ploy to keep me in the fragile 20, but I'm on the button so it's OK. I won't take my blind again.

11:16 - Floor calls down the 60 asking if I want a seat. I look over for info but there is none. I'm unfamiliar with these parts, and recognize no one except 2-3 laggy pros. I declare "lock it" with non conviction, trying to buy time.

11:17 - Raul informs me I can have either game as 40 seats will be opening. I am still ambivalent.

11:20 - My blind is upon me and I rack up. Tony tells me "you're next up for the main game" and I just laugh. "Really? Can I move now?" He nods and says only "I saw the whole thing." I walk to the empty seat in the main and ask to be dealt in immediately UTG+2. Tony just angled a dozen people (the 8 in the main game and the 4 in front of me on the list) to keep me in his game for 5 more precious minutes, trying desperately to save his game. I oblige, pick up A9, flop 2 pair vs vs AT and AK and win a humongous pot. Two more uneventful hands later I leave the game. The must move 20 does not break; Tony wins. On my last hand the dealer somehow pitches my card to the guy on my left...he looks at it then give it to me. I protest, the dealer doesn't care, it's a 4, big shocker there.

11:30 - The 60 is 5 handed with no fish of note. I take a 40 seat. 10 minutes later Kim mumbles to me across the table "go play 60" and I laugh it off. "I'm dead serious" comes the reply. I glance behind me and two whales just walked in. I almost trip trying to cover the 9 feet between me and Raul but it's too late; I'm locked out, 2nd up.

And that's about that. 45 minutes later I'm first up for the best game in LA, but I'll be lucky to have a seat by 3.


avoidthe9to5 said...

bad beat @ the 60 lockout >.<

jesse8888 said...

One of the fish busted and was replaced by the main spot in my 40 game. He promptly went bust and I went into the game and it was in a word just not good. I was halfway around the table from the only true sucker and he just wasn't that awful. So I quit and went to the bike which you saw which worked out horribly because no one gambles there anymore.

Unlike yesterday, I could beat this day.

leo doc said...

Hey buddy-

I suppose one benefit to the 2p2 forums being down is that it allowed me to catch up on your blog and post something on the internet that is vaguely related to poker. I'm also going to use this opportunity to update the "Vegas in July" plans.

1) BubbleMint is previewing lodging candidates. This has taken a bit longer than I anticipated because VRBO seems to have properties managed by folks that don't give a shit about actually showing up for appointments and/or returning calls or emails. Go figure...

2) The leo doc dinner party will be held on Friday night- the same night as the 2p2 party. If anyone has the desire (or sobriety) to go to the 2p2 party after dinner, I'll arrange for safe transportation.

3) Last year's attendees should consider themselves invited as well as the other folks you and I discussed. Would you be good enuf to follow-up with those in your locale and provide me an update as to their intentions?

4) The appearance of this post will mean that I've somehow miraculously managed to sign in.

Best as always...