Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Theory of 20/40 LHE

Somehow I'm at commerce playing 20. I've been here for over 90 minutes and still don't have a 40 seat. I was in the 60 but gave up my seat to start a 40 that was DOA. I got back in but was sorta tilted and decided to play 20 until I got my 40 seat. Still waiting lol

Anyway here is my theory. Everyone says the $5+1+tip rake structure just makes the game all but unbeatable. They're kind of wrong, I still think you can win $25-$35 per hour, but not completely. That's not really enough for pros, so none of them really play.

And that's the theory; these games will always be amazing because the casinos have made the drop so oppressive that nobody in his right mind would play them as his mainstay. In a sense Commerce is protecting the 20/40 game by raking every dollar off the table.

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