Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hurray For Me

When you play poker you have days where just absolutely nothing can go right.  You open a hand at the bottom of your range preflop, and like clockwork you get three bet.  You miss every flush draw, and can't even seem to hit boards enough to even c-bet some of the time when you open A9o in the HJ and invariably end up in a 5 way pot.  AK?  T97 montone.  Jacks?  AK4r  Aces?  Blinds fold.  But the mere existence of days like that proves that the opposite can (and does) eventually happen.  I have seen the biggest, loosest, most passive fish in the room tear up a table for 100 bets.  I have seen guys go on rushes that are simply not to be believed.  They can do nothing wrong;  they get 3 bet when they have kings, they take down the blinds when they have JTo, they make their draws, simply nothing can go wrong.

Today, I was that guy.

I played some 40, and I won about a rack.  Then I stumbled into the 60 because I misidentified a player as a whale.  It was a different guy, and he was pretty bad, but not who I thought he was.  But there was a whale in the game, a woman who went off for something close to $10K in something like 6 hours, I don't even know honestly but man was she swell.  So I won like 2.5 racks in that game before she seat changed (she really was the only reason to be in the game), then accepted that I was trapped behind traffic and played 2.5 more hours of 40/80 (with my game breaking twice, god bless you commerce) and bonked out another 4 rack win.  These three hands illustrate my awesome

Hand is dealt 7 or 8 ways, I don't remember.  Everyone limps in, the button raises, the sb calls, and I call with 64o in the big and we see a flop:


The sb checks and I just donk right into the world.  I mean, why not, amirite?  A few people fold but not that many, all the way back to the sb who..raises.  He's not fucking around here, and I just call, and we see the turn something like 5 ways.


I turn the stone nutter butters.  The small blind bets, I raise, someone calls, and somebody...three bets!  The small blind calls, I cap it, blah blah blah, four ways for a cap to the river.


I bet and....only the sb calls and I win the whole damn thing.

Someone limps, I raise with 87s, the sb 3 bets, the big blind calls, the limper calls, and I cap it because sometimes I do that with 87s.  We flop:


They all check and I bet because I have a flush draw.  They all...call.  The turn is a card and I let it check through.  The river completes my flush, I bet...and they all fold.  I mean really....they all...fold.

This shit went on and on and on.  A8s?  A75-9, at which point I am raised.  No problem river 6 ship it. KTss?  943 with one spade?  Never fear, I will make the nut flush.  The absurdity of it all was just overwhelming.  Eventually I decided to call it a night, and when I tallied the damage I had done I came up with a win of $9867, my largest ever by a preposterous margin.  So hurray for me, hurray for mental health days, and hurray for running hotter than the sun, if only for 9 hours.


Wacky said...

Some days you run bad, some days you run good. Over the long haul, your average expected performance should be the same no? Just exactly how long is the long haul, ah there's the rub.

Dave said...

As Keynes said, in the long term, we're all dead.