Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hand of the Day

Actually it's from yesterday but that's not important. Game is commerce 20/40 and the UTG raiser is playing super tight, showing off to his friend how it's right to fold KJo to an UTG raise because "you see she had ace the long run I'd lose to her 8 out of 10 times." Never mind that I folded KQo the same hand...anyway, he's playing tight and the SB is a drunk Asian lady who spews like it's her job. And so....

UTG raises, SB calls, I call only with AQo. Meh...I should 3 bet but this is more fun.


We check he bets we call.


SB donks....immediately I sense she has airball, likely a turned diamond draw. Under no circumstances can she have trips, or top pair or...well, yeah she has air 100%. But what should I do about it? I tank and get a strong, strong tell that UTG does not like his hand. The pot is small and I decide raising is silly; he's gonna golf anyway. So I call, and he tanks and gives a speech about "cannot beat 9, cannot beat 5...I fold"


She bets I snap call and she says "I miss...I miss but 8" and rolls Q8ss. UTG declares "I folded pocket 8s!"

I mean really....


Dan said...

I'm not a LHE player by any means, but if we know we can get UTG to fold a better hand AND get value from Asian lady's turned flush draw, why not raise?

jesse8888 said...

In retrospect a raise could well be the correct play, and I would have probably made it without the strong "I'm folding" tell UTG was given off. I certainly would have done it with king high.