Wednesday, October 5, 2011


A lot of ridiculously stupid shit happened to me last night, and I only have like 10 minutes to write about it, so here goes. I went to Hawaiian Gardens around 4:30 and got seated immediately in a pretty good 30 game that pretty quickly transformed to pretty amazing. The main mark was a player I'd seen before who apparently had binked a middling 5 figure score on poker starts and gotten it cashed out like 2 weeks before black friday. She was very friendly and took her (many) beats extremely well, and ended up losing like $4K on the day (or so she said), and had apparently done all the right reading regarding player poker as a pro. She asked me about playing 40/80 and used the world bankroll and variance to describe the game, which caused me to almost laugh out loud. I mean really, this was one of the worst players I have ever seen, and she's explaining to me how she needs a bigger bankroll to make the jump from 30 to 40, AT THE TABLE. From any sort of winning seasoned pro such talk would be completely unacceptable, but from her it was just....well...tilting. Here is this freaking idiot who apparently has been playing as a professional for several months now, convincing herself I suppose that she's just running bad, talking about bankroll requirements at the table. The levels of ignorance involved were simply stunning. She did things like open limp 74o, then donk/3 the T54hhh flop (she did have the 7 of hearts), then check the river when her flush came in. She bet 44 on an A65-J-6 board with a player all in, after a war had broken out on the flop and 4 players saw the river. She just was...awful.

(24 hour pause during which I forget most of the stuff that happened Tuesday night)

I don't really remember where the train fell completely off the track, but I was puttering along within a few bets of even for the better part of 2.5 hours before it did. Perhaps it was when the button got screwed up and I didn't say anything (it was to my advantage and I've got a new policy in place of not speaking makes me feel kind of (ok really) douchey but hey money is money). Perhaps it was when I played A9o (admittedly a tough hand to play well) worse than you could ever imagine, folding the winner on the river in a 12 bet pot (something I seem to do a lot these days). But the coup de grace happened after the aforementioned player answered her phone for the second time and told her kids "mommy will be home very soon", took her big blind, won a huge pot and...racked up. This alone obviously proves she just doesn't get it, and it put me in a spot to take the last lap to both avoid following the fish to the cage (a standard courtesy that should be extended more frequently) and enjoy a small blind on the button orbit. And I of course got blown up, running QQ into KK (fortunately he played awful and I only lost 5 bets total on like a 9 high board) and getting set over setted thanks to having the aforementioned small blind on the button. So I left an orbit later something like 30 bets under water, wondering if anyone else had the license plate.

The rest of this week has just been kind of silly; in my after hours overtime I literally have lost something like $4K in four days (playing no higher than 30), turning what should have been a nice little heater into just a meh week of winning small. If I just played like all those expert live pros who lock up 5 bet wins as early as 1 hour into their sessions, I could have done something special....


that_pope said...

This entry is very hard to read, many mistakes in it.

jesse8888 said...

You were absolutely right. I fixed close to a dozen typos just now; thanks!