Monday, October 10, 2011

Weird Run Here

So I kept up my solid pace of late today, spraying off almost 3 racks in the 20/40 (most of it on shift no less), and winning about 3 in the 40. The last week+ has just been bizarre in that regard. Playing 20 or 30 I'm on a $6K downer, but every time I sit in the 40 I just cannot lose a pot. Today in 2.5 hours I won almost 5 racks in the 40, which was swell. The problem was I lost 2 racks in the 20 before that, then a bit more in the 20 after it, then decided to play overtime in the 40 and dusted off another rack and half in 45 minutes, then drove to Commerce and lost some more. It was just...strange. I can't really complain, as I've definitely winning dollars, but if I'd only played 40/80 on shift the last week or so it would have been a heater for the ages.

I remember a long time ago I had a 200 hour stretch of poker where I was up 200 bets but even in dollars. This is kind of the opposite; in my last 53 hours I've actually lost 3 bets but am up $5K. Neat.

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