Sunday, October 2, 2011

September Post Mortem

Did I spell that correctly? Meh, I hope so. September was a straight forward, boring, and profitable month. I managed to grind out 186 hours of play (including all games played, not just limit hold 'em) and posted a $7200 win at the tables, despite losing about $11K on two of the worst days of my career (one one shift, one off), and enjoyed one of the two months of the year when bi-weekly pay check earners get a third check. It really is silly to think about the amount of money I'm trying to win each month vs the amount I have at risk on a given day, especially now that I'm becoming more and more convinced that I personally am not capable of the 1 big bet per hour gold standard. There are just so many things working against me, like not being able to game select for a good portion of my week, being prone to playing tired when I can game select, and in general games just getting tougher and tougher. I dunno, it's just...tough.

I'm hoping to stick to my plan more diligently over the coming weeks, playing mostly if not all 20/40 (or perhaps some 25 or 30 if I make a field trip here and there) to keep those big losing days of my books. This Saturday was a success in that regard, with me logging a 6.5 hour session of Commerce 20/40. The only problem was that I lost 2 racks basically on my way out the door in the final 90 minutes of what was otherwise a pretty good session. I think I even made some pretty egregious errors (a few river calls that were just 39 dollar losers, a couple of preflop plays that ended up going poorly for me, a few call downs where really the guy just has to have it, etc). So October is off to a little bit of a rough start, but that's fine.

I was kind of hoping this post would go somewhere interesting, but it just sort of didn't. Tomorrow I'm back on shift for another week, and I still think my 1800 hour and 100,000 dollar goals are within reach.

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