Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taking Suggestions

I just received a 2p2 PM (to which, BTW, I am severely allergic) from a friend offering suggestions as to things I should blog about. His ideas were:

1. What non-LHE games have you picked up since you moved to LA? What was your motivation for playing them? Rate how good you are on a scale of 1-10 at each of them. Favorite? Least favorite?

2. Describe your new house. Likes? Dislikes? Pics?

I think both are good, and I'm opening up the floor (or comments section in this case) for more requests. What do you want me to write about? It can be informative, funny, or really anything you want. I'm listening.


Dave said...

1. The last time you did this, it turned out great, so I'll give you a different challenge: Rate how good the 2012 presidential candidates would be as poker players, without being overtly political. If you can't do that, then rate the Avengers (in the upcoming movie).

2. If you were to create a fantasy poker league, what would it be? How would it work?

3. Watch an episode of the WSOP on ESPN and describe how different it is on TV than real life.

4. Compare LA and SF. (Culture, not traffic.)

5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (No, I am not interviewing you for a job.)

6. How did MIT prepare you for a life of poker playing? Did it? If you went somewhere else, do you think you'd be doing something else?

Steve said...

Herman Cain's got a set of 9s.

cb29mb08 said...
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cb29mb08 said...
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pokertwins kat said...


I would leave out some of the result oriented blogs. Having someone give you a day's recap as to "Played this game at this casino, won this much, played this game at that casino, lost this much" is similar to just posting hand histories. Repetitive and really do not learn much about you.

I read your blog to try and find out what you are like, and then, how 'you' are handling the situation you are in.

So, I would appreciate more insights into how you 'feel' rather than what you do. However, that might be too personal for many bloggers.

The good thing about feelings rather than actual stats, it perhaps might not be so repetitive to the writer?

Why don't you talk about the pressures and fun of being a pro. The difference live vs online, especially since we used to have option of both, now don't.

Or about what it is like to plan financially in a world where not only may you not make money in a year, you might actually lose?

Or your plans for future? Surely you do not think you will be a winning player at 100 years old. How about 90? 70? what cut off do you have to finally consider stop playing? Standard answer is always "well as long as I am winning" but even now, there are stretches where you are NOT winning. So how will you be able to tell when you skill is deteriorating vs variance.

How much money are you saving? Is it enough to retire on? Pensions are a huge element of most folk's jobs. Yours?

just some things I would like to hear about. Am sure you could think of lots of others.

How about friends? Is it easier or harder to have friends with an open schedule? Don't you work nights and weekends a lot?

twins kat

Matt said...

More stories about people plz. I agree that results oriented "OMFG rivered again!" posts get old.