Tuesday, March 15, 2011

[x] Winning

Seriously I'm like a rock star from Mars....

OK not really but I just played a hand that made me think about Tommy Angelo's reciprocity. I'm in the SB with AA, the CO has KK, and he raise/caps pre. There is an EP limper fish and the button gets in there by coldcalling x2 (champ), so we go off 4 ways for 17 small bets.


I just fast play, c/r/4 and by that time the pot is HU (the button called the first bet). The turn and river are Q-3r and he pays me off and shows his misfortune and I drag it in. Then I start thinking.

Did I win this hand? Would he have won more if we switched places? Sadly the answer might be yes; he might have check/raised the turn instead of 4-betting the flop. But he also might have donk/3ed the flop, made some absurd slowplay, been afraid of the queen, or any other horrendous course of action. So while he COULD have won an extra small bet, I'm pretty confident I won, and that makes me happy, because after all that's where the money is.

But as I'm doing this thinking he proves it. He immediately takes an out button, giving up the rest of his free hands. He misses the blind. He misses it again and pays a lobby charge. He finally comes back 20 minutes later still visibly upset with me and his current plight of being stuck like 11 bets, wondering how the world can be so unfair. Dude definitely needs some tiger's blood.


Hamking said...

I'm sure if you took your brain out and gave it to him, he'd be like: "dude, can't handle it!"

Loki9 said...

Great concept, though Tommy called it "reciprocality".

Thanks for keeping up the blog, always an enjoyable read.