Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ah, Commerce

I just had one of those must move only at commerce situations. The guy in the 2 seat at my table refused to sit in the right spot. Everyone, including the dealer, explained to him that he didn't get the whole corner, but he insisted he was right. So I move from 3 to 5 but that's not far enough and move again from 5 to 8 and wait out 2 hands after playing my button. I'm 3rd up to move (I wouldn't risk losing the free hands if I was first but this is super safe.

So I move to a worse seat because of the dbag and sit out two hands which last like literally 5-6 minutes. As the dealer is dealing me in in the CO Marcel comes over to tell me it's my turn to move. The other two names are not here he says, despite the fact that we started this game 25 minutes ago and nobody has left.

So I play my CO hand and move, but they are playing musical chairs. The open seat is the HJ but I'm assured I can't have it, someone is moving. So the dealer doesn't deal me in and the guy who is moving drags a monster by cracking the COs AA. Now I'm informed it's my seat and asked if I want a hand in the LJ. I pass cause CO and HJ hands are too valuable for my inner nit to forfeit.

So i wander off and eventually 10-15 minutes later take my free hand in the CO. My second hand someone crumples his hand into a ball in a 5 way pot during the river action where I have raised, bet/3, bet bet a KJ3hh-7r-2r with KTs. I am called, the button folds KT face up, there is another fold, and then he folds his crumpled ball as if nothing is wrong.

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