Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Can't Believe This Just Worked

So I'm playing live 20 in a pretty tight passive lineup. Someone raises the HJ, the button insta-calls all in, the SB calls and I call J7dd. The SB declares "lowball dealer, seven seven deuce" Nd we take a flop:


SB checks, I check, PFR bets, SB calls, I raise, PFR calls, SB calls.


SB checks I cringe bet, PFR folds (KQ FTW), and the SB calls. Timeout.

What does the SB have here? I think he pretty obviously has a 7 with some small kicker, given his preflop speech and general weak passive play in general. Specifically I have him on 76, 75, or 78. OK moving on....


[ ] kicker plays

He checks and I decide that I'm so sure he can't scoop me that I'm going to try a soft angle. I bet instantly, he calls, and I table my hand instantly. And it works. It fucking works!

"Nice kicker" he declares and flings his hand face down toward the muck. Sadly the allin player turns over AK to drag the 4 bets in the main, but the 7 bets on the side get shipped directly to me. The SB realizes his mistake as the next hand is being dealt and is pretty upset. I shrug and say I figured we were chopping but thought I'd bet anyway cause maybe he had 66 or 55 (which of course was possible but he'd be extremely unlikely to call the river).

Does this make me one of them?


bellatrix78 said...

Well played, if I had the read (which I would've been too slow pony to realize how to capitalize on it) I would've used it!
But don't explain yourself after (the 66, 55 story)!

Matt said...

No this doesn't make you one of them. You didn't manipulate the rules to encourage a mistake, that's different that simply following the rules while knowing that a mistake might be likely. Fast-rolling and body language kept the pressure on but isn't an angle.

jesse8888 said...

So bellatrix the thing is afterwards it was quite obvious that the guy had figured out exactly what I had done. I admit it would have been good to say nothing, but alas live pokers we were seated like 14 inches from each other and I had to say something.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Matt :)

The blindman said...

Is that really an angle? You didn't exploit some obscure rule or misdeclare your hand. You tabled, he mucked. He knows he fucked up, but that's not your fault. nh sir.

bellatrix78 said...

Jesse, why is saying nothing worse than lying?

jesse8888 said...

I admit that morally it's not worse, but in a social context saying nothing would have just been extremely awkward. Like the guy is just talking to me saying how I tricked him and got him to fold and he is as I said 14 inches from my face and staring blankly at the felt listening to music is going to make him hate me. My lie was aimed to make him hate me less.