Friday, June 18, 2010

They Missed Me

Back at Commerce today for only the second time since before Vegas and we are back to basics. This is just bad beat venting so feel free to skip it if that's not your cup o' tea.

Hand 0

Table alpha fish raises flop and barrels turn and river with K6o on a 992-7-K board. He has no flush draw, no showdown value and apparently zero fold equity as the beta fish calls him down with 82s. Neither was in the blinds. This type of fish on fish crime often goes un-investigated by the authorities because let's be honest, there are no victims here. Only defendents.

Hand 1

I open raise AQs and the alpha fish cold calls next in. 5 ways board runs out AK7-3-T and I can't make myself fold to the river raise at 10+:1. QJ takes it, and to be clear my AQ flops an ace and loses to QJ. Plug that into stove.....

Hand 2

Nothing special here. I open QJs in the LJ, button calls alpha fish defends KT8cc-Qr-5r and the alpha fish c/r the river. It's so incomprehensible I pay it off again. AJ good.

Hand 3

This is the centerpiece of our 90 minute ordeal. I open KJ of red and again find a 5 way pot. Yahoo. The flop:


I bet anyway and lose two players. Only beta fish and the button call. The turn pairs the 8 and they both call again. To the river.


That's right, 4 to the straight flush. I check, beta fish checks and button bets. I fold, beta fish tank calls and the button shows AKo, no club. Beta fish shows KTo, no club, to drag the pot. I folded the winner.

Hand 4

I open aces UTG and only the blinds call. JT4dd and the SB donk/3s. I cap (BB has not relinquished his chip shovel yet) and bet the Tr turn, collecting 2 more calls. River Jack ldo SB donks BB folds and I fold after he flashes KJ out of mercy.

Hand 5

I'm not making this up, I open aces in EP and get a 5 way pot. QT7-4 and beta fish raises the turn (I'm in seat 9, he in 1, so he cold called first in). River does not pair the board in the 13 bet pot (alpha fish ate two on the turn) and I fold. Beta shows Q4 sooted.

Hand 6

A limp a raise I 3bet AA. Again this is NINETY minutes....Maybe sixty dealt hands. 4-5 ways I don't even know the dude on my left insta-calls 3 cold.

655-9-J no flush

Raiser donks the flop I raise and dude calls. Turn I bet dude raises initial raiser eats 2 with his obvious KK-QQ I call. River we both pay again 99 good sir.


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Christopher said...

When you think you may be pregnant, every day can be a lifetime. Fold hand 2.