Friday, June 11, 2010

Leaving Las Vegas

I'll be posting a more in depth recap of my experience in event 18, but for now I just want everyone to know I did not cash and lasted about 50 minutes longer than I did in event 12 (we started with 6K chips instead of 4.5 this time though, so I was actually bludgeoned more effectively this time). My table was a hilarious mix of rockstar pros (Lex Veldhuis and two-time bracelet winner Bill Chen), young limit holdem specialists (me and this white guy named Brent who plays the Commerce 60), ridiculous loose passive calling stations, and Bill Chen's personal spew-monkey who made, in 4 hours, a 2-card 3-high flush, 2-card 5-high flush, 2-card 6-high flush, and 1-card 4-high flush, all from "not the blinds" for multiple bets preflop (as the aggressor on every street in 3 of the 4 cases).

After busting out I played some bellagio 15 and decided to come home a day early, and am already situated in the Commerce 20 hoping to get back into some sort of groove. Thanks to everyone who wished me well and gave their support to my slightly misguided quest for glory.

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