Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reports of My Death

Have been mildly exaggerated. This post comes to you via iPhone from 2 miles outside Bryce National Park. My schedule, starting Saturday of last week has been:

Sat: Fly to vegas. Stay at Bellagio. Lose 3K.

Sun: Play at Bellagio. Win 600 playing with Frank the prop from Garden City.

Mon: Drive to Grand Canyon, south rim. Hike rim trail.

Tues: Ride mule 9.8 miles into canyon. Sleep at Phantom Ranch.

Wed: Ride mule out. Drive to North Rim. Hike a bit.

Thurs: Hike into canyon. Come out. Drive to Zion, stopping at Walmart to buy new camera (long story).

Fri: 5 hikes totaling 10 miles in Zion. Drive to Bryce. Hike Navajo loop trail.

Sat: 3 hikes and various lookouts in Bryce, totaling 14 miles.

Tomorrow we are touring Antelope Canyon and Monument Valley. Monday is the Painted Desert and Petrified forest. Tuesday is Meteor Crater and possibly the Hoover Dam, then a flight from Vegas back to SFO.

I promise more stories and pictures once I get back. I have, however, decided 2 things on this trip. First of all, being in shape is fun, and I am going to get back there. And second, I'm going to pick up online sit n gos again, with a goal eventually 6 tabling ~$30 events at a ~10% ROI.

My thumbs are tired.


Doug Lonsinger said...

You might be a little late hitting the online SNG craze. Maybe you'd be a few years late.

CT said...

Ubiquitous sng software, nash equilibrium, and tons of regs? -just a guess...

jesse8888 said...

I realize it's a stretch, but I'm pretty darn good at the things already. Can't hurt to try :)

Loki said...

Hi Jesse,

Been following your exploits for a while now. I used to frequent the 20/40 at Foxwoods a few years back.

I recently started experimenting with SNG's with an eye toward maximizing ROI and I'd be curious to learn how you are doing.

As expected there are tons of regs but, that doesn't mean that they are all solid players by any stretch.

Just wanted to say hi - keep the faith.