Sunday, June 21, 2009

The WTK Strikes Back

I spent Friday at Bay 101 and lost a striking sum of money. I started out at 40/80 and quickly decided I needed to move down; the game just wasn't very good. To my delight they called down a new 20/40 game and I asked Vivian (the floor woman who never lists me when I call in) to lock me up a seat. WTK yelled over "Can I draw for you?" and I said "Sure, go for it!". He pulled the king of spades, which still wasn't enough to get me the button. I got to the table just as the first hand was being dealt (I was trying to finish my free hands at 40/80, but ended up skipping out one hand early) and promptly lost a ton of money in the first 5 minutes (by capping capping pocket nines after a WTK 3-bet and running into a set of queens from the big blind, and then flopping top pair good kicker with QJ, only to watch WTK turn trip 9s). And then....

I'm in the big blind and pick up aces. 3 people have limped, including WTK, and I of course raise. Everyone calls, and we see the flop 5 ways.

A24 with two diamonds

This would rate towards the low end of fantastic. I bet out and get two callers, WTK and "Dodgers Hat" man. I'm in the 1 seat, with WTK in the 5 and Dodgers hat in the 6. The turn is:


Well that's not great, but I still gotta bet. I fire, and WTK thinks for a second and then calls. Dodgers Hat now raises, and I know I'm drawing for a boat. With 10.5 big bets in the pot, however, my 10 outter more than qualifies for a call. I hollywood it a bit, so as not to give away too much information (maybe) and then call. WTK now enters the tank, thinking and hemming and hawwing. It occurs to me that I have fewer outs than I thought; WTK has just picked up a second pair and is considering calling while drawing dead. Fine by me. I should note that he has toned back his lunacy by 3 or 4 notches lately, playing almost down right tight at times. If he keeps that level of discipline up, his hand-reading abilities and image will ensure he wins tons of money in this game. Anyway....he calls, drawing dead, which is fine by me except he's holding two of my outs but whatever.

A24-3-3 no flush

Since I hate money, I bet (check/raising would have been so sexy here given my read. WTK might have just filled up, too, and he won't check a boat. Even if he does check or didn't fill up, Dodgers Hat will HAVE to bet his straight when we both check and then I can raise anyway). WTK raises quickly and Dodgers Hat is let off the hook (he folded A5, or so was his claim, which I have no reason to refute). Oh well, at least I'm gonna get 3 bets out of WTK. I raise him pretty much in rhythm and he 4-bets likewise. At this point I declare "TIME!" and stand up to peruse the board. I actually bend over and put my face right next to the cards, making a pretty big show of it. I am actually making sure I didn't miss a straight flush (I didn't) and confirming that I do in fact have the second nuts against a none lunatic. Then I think for a second about what everyone knows here:

1. I know Dodgers Hat had a straight.
2. WTK knows (1).
3. I know WTK knows (2).
4. WTK knows (3).

Basically, WTK knows I have aces full! Aiyah! I call only and the man, the myth, the legend, cries out "How can you not raise me one more time with Aces!?" I table them out of turn, and he rolls quad 3s. Every person in the casino hears this story over the course of the next 6 hours, during which I lose a thousand or so dollars.

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