Monday, June 15, 2009

New Worst Day Ever

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, has gone wrong since I got back from vacation. The first couple of days went kind of OK, with me even posting a largish win on one of them. Then I spent Saturday hanging out with my dad (I went to the Aquarium of the Bay and bought a little penguin I named Max) and drove him to SFO around 9pm. I played 4 hours in the AJs 15/30 game and lost 2 racks. OK, no big deal. However, I'm formally posting a bounty on myself in that game; if you see me in it, just come over and say the word "elephant" and I'll hand you $100. It's that easy. The game is not worth my time, even if it isn't rigged, which is pretty hard to believe, so I shouldn't be wasting time in it.

Moving right along, Sunday was a grade B cluster fuck. I rolled up to Bay late. To quote my buddy Sunil, "About $3000 late". You see I called ahead and actually asked Sophorna "Is Neal there" to which I got the resounding "Yes". Sadly, however, my run bad and the tax man had reduced my cash reserves below the acceptable minimum. I had to go to Garden City to cash in 3 big ($1000) chips. So to Garden I went, hitting only the cashier, then off to Bay. But what's this? Where is Neal? $3000 late indeed (apparently that's how much Neal lost). Never mind the fact that if I take even a single hand in that game everything changes and (in all likelihood) Neal loses far less money (or even wins). Still made me feel like an ass hat.

So I play 20/40 for a bit, then play 40/80, and watch a new fish I've never seen before get absolutely destroyed against everyone except me. I only lost $1600, which in 40/80 is really a very small loss, but to sum it up:

I see the flop with T4cc. He is the SB (my selection is top notch as per usual). Flop is:

AKQ with two clubs

He bets and I just call. Some people call cause we're like 7 handed even though it's 40/80. The turn is the Ace of clubs. He bets and this time I raise. Remember there was no raise preflop so nobody can possibly have a full house, so basically I have the second nuts, losing only to a jack high flush. Everyone else folds, which is fine by me, and He calls. The river is the 4 of spades, for a final board of:

AKQ-A-4 ccscs

He donks! I look at him, look at the dealer, look at him, and raise. He calls. I table my hand, and he rolls A4o. Nice hand sir. WTK laments my bad luck, and I point out that "I even had a 4!".

Then there was today, which will require me to reset the curve on the clusterfuck grading scale. I spent about 7 hours at live 40/80. I lost $2500 in the first 90 minutes and was down to having basically every dollar in my wallet on the table. I asked Sophorna "So when I go bust and have to run to the bank, how long do I have?". She laughed and said 30 minutes. Fortunately Pete came to my rescue and loaned me $5K without blinking, with me never actually getting all in (despite playing 2 orbits with less than 3 bets). Thanks Pete.

I spent the entire day playing with the fish from yesterday, who said and I quote "I lost $10K yesterday and am in $5K today", in response to our general astonishment that he had 12 racks on the table. That's right...12. It was the sickest heater I have ever seen in probably now 2500 hundred hours of live play. He just won...every...single...hand. Runner runner? No problem. Drawing dead? Not quite....he simply could not miss.

So eventually as has been my custom lately I lost 2 racks in the last 60 minutes of play before this guy racked up his STACK of purple chips and a few more racks of red chips and I decided that I'd go try and play 20/40. Then, after all the 2 outters and suckouts and running into aces and everything that I had endured to allow me to lose $4300, this happened.

I get to the 20/40 table and am behind the button. I usually post in front, but if I get there and am in the CO or HJ 8 or 9 handed I'll post behind. So I toss Frank E. the hold button and get dealt 93 of spades. Two players call and I muck. Then a bru haha ensues, as it becomes apparent that in my general daze and confusion I did not post. A ruling is made that I should just post next hand (thanks Far...even though I'm pretty sure you didn't know I looked at my hand), despite Marco (a general curmudgeon) wanting my hand dead AND 4 chips from me (which honestly would have been kind of fair). So OK, no biggie, except I realize what is about to happen as the flop goes off without a raise (meaning I'd have seen it for free):


55 shows down against 68 and I am unamused. The very next hand I post in the HJ and get Q6o. It folds to me and I raise, cause that's what you're supposed to do, and Marco (who if you don't remember is a weak passive fish) 3-bets. I call only, already lamenting the fact that, had I just posted last hand and dragged that pot, I'd be stacking chips right now instead of trying to crack Marco's aces. The flop is:

Q52 and I call him heads up. The board runs out something like 3-8 and I call the turn, then, when he checks the river, I bet because I hate money. He calls and says "No good. Aces" in that general smug way of his that makes me want to gouge out his eyes with a spoon. A few hands later I raise AJ of hearts, he flat calls, and proceeds to win the minimum $40 from me post flop with KK. I decide enough is enough and go home, discouraged but not broken.

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