Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekly Goals Update

This week went pretty well:

Days played: 5/7
Hours played: 36.25
Hours per day: 7.25
40/80 hours: 2
30/60 hours: 0
Amount won: 1700
Amount lost in 40/80: 1300
Trips to the gym: 2.5

With the exception of time spent and results achieved above 20/40, I think I did pretty well. Yesterday I spent 90 minutes in the softest 40/80 game I've seen in weeks (with the possible exception of the other 40/80 table that was running at the same time) and lost $1500 by basically getting cold-decked (as an example...when you have AJs and the other guy has QQ in a 6 handed pot, a Jack-high flop is not the one you want. When you have KQs and he has AQo and you're in the betting lead, a Queen on the turn is in fact not the card you want to see).

Yesterday was a marathon, as I was playing at Bay 101 from 11:15 until almost 10pm. For the second time this week I ripped a big loss from the jaws of a massive one, turning a $3000 downer into a $1300 one. It's amazing how good I feel driving home after doing that, perhaps even better than had I simply won $1700 and been done with it.

Tomorrow I set my sites on the Neal game at Bay 101. Today is a day of rest, while I try to get over the cold Chris flew over from DC.

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