Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Goals Update

So my goals for this month were:

Play 22/28 days
Average 7 hours per playing day
Total hours: 154
20/40 hours: 100
30/60 hours: 20
40/80 hours: 34

So far this month, with 4 days remaining, I have played 140 hours in 19 days. I need to put in 14 hours in 3 days to reach the benchmarks I set.

Sadly, I haven't played nearly enough 30/60 or 40/80. Specifically, zero hours of 30/60 and 5.5 hours of 40/80. I have no hope to reach either of those milestones, which doesn't bother me too much. However, I do need to figure out why I didn't prioritize those goals throughout the month.

Today's session was a short (2.5 hour) roller coaster from which I left up $330 after being stuck $900 at the 2 hour mark. Sweet victory :)


pdscjr said...

Need... more... hands... you're my blog fix and I'm fiending!

Ham said...

^second that.

Only poker entertainment I have at work anymore since 2+2 was blocked :(

more Zeus-action plz. :)