Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Much To Report

I don't really have a whole lot of interest to talk about, sadly. I've actually only played 1 of the last 3 days (I took Valentine's Day off, and also ended up taking today off). It's curious how this career change has changed the way I operate on a day to day basis. I used to have no trouble at all "doing stuff" that required a computer. For example, I'm considering going to New Orleans for a wedding, and I need to look into:

1. Flights
2. Where to stay
3. If I can play poker there

All of these just require a little tooling on the internet, but I haven't made time to do them in the past 3 weeks. Today I'm working on getting as many of those types of things done as possible, which I think has been good for me.

One good story that is related to my last post...On Friday night my 20/40 game got short handed, specifically down to 5 people. The woman whose turn it was for the big blind refused to take it, and I was about to throw out my four chips when I realized "wait a second...." and asked if the other 3 players were willing to play four handed. None of them were, so I said I wasn't taking the blind for obvious reasons. So we broke the game and the 5 of us drew for 2 seat, and I deftly drew the 2 of clubs and ended up 3rd on the list. After 15 minutes of waiting (during which time 6 20/40 players entered the high stakes area and Rhea gave me shit for 14 minutes about not sucking it up and playing short handed), I got a seat and played my 7 free hands (you can enter a game without posting if your game breaks), which in actuality cost me $100, then went home.


Tim said...

maybe you should get a smart phone so you can surf while waiting for a seat. :-)

have my tickets for new orleans. see you there!

jesse8888 said...

I have an iPhone. I'm one of the cool kids again...first time since junior year, and that's debatable.

Dave said...

Who's getting married?

jesse8888 said...