Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Testing, Testing...1...2...uh....3?

Bonus points for the first person to identify the qoute.

I'm trying out a new app on my phone, so bear with me if this post isn't a gem. So far, so good.

Last week I found myself at Garden City when the 40/80 broke and Ted managed to spread a 20/40, half kill, HO game...with overs. If you don't know what some (or any) of that means....don't worry about it :)

So I post behind in the last hand of an Omaha 8 round. Omaha 8 is just like holdem, with two "small" changes. First, you get 4 cards and must use exactly 2 to make your hand. Second, the low hand (where A2345 is the nut) takes half the pot.

I am dealt Ks Jc 3d 2s and see a flop of:

Ts 5c 4h

For 2 bets about 5 ways. In a kill (30/60) pot. This is pretty good, as I have a straight draw to a good low. Honestly, in Omaha when I post in, flopping anything at all is a major achievement.

Anyway the flop checks around and we see a turn of:

Ts 5c 4h 7s

That's a fun card (as are most Omaha turns). Somebody now bets, and I call. Now there's a raise behind me, the bettor calls only, and I don't like my hand one bit. But...I call and note that the As would be one ball buster of a river. Wait for it....

Ace of Spades.

The astute reader will now note that my motley collection of weak ass draws has suddenly morphed into what Omaha players call "Nut Nut". I have the best possible high hand, along with the aforementioned A2345 low. This pot is all mine.

I heart the Omaha.


Andrew said...

Omahahahaha. Results? Did you scoop or get 3/4?

jesse8888 said...

Scoopy. Also, since it was the last hand of the rotation (we went to Texas next), I didn't even have to post the $30 kill.