Thursday, February 19, 2009

A New Poker Term?

So most people are familiar with the term Jesus Seat, right? The Jesus Seat is the seat with direct position on the biggest fish at the table. For example, if the worst player in the game is in seat 5, the Jesus Seat is seat 6. If there are multiple mega-fish at the table, there can be multiple Jesus (Jeezi?) Seats. The idea is that loose bad players acting right before you do is a very good thing. If someone plays more pots, and you ALWAYS have position on him, your average position is better. I think I coined a new term today in an email. Here's what happened.

Mario, about whom I've written before, was called to the 40/80 game and took his seat. My friend was squarely seated in the 8 seat, which happened to be (non-coincidentally) the Jesus Seat. The player in seat 7 was truly terrible. The open seat, however, was number 9. Now the guy in 7 was bad, but probably only about as bad as Mario. So my friend faced a choice. He could:

1. Be content with the 8 seat. Mario will either end up in 9 (undesirable and highly probable), or perhaps someone would seat change to 9 and Mario would end up somewhere else.

2. Slide into the 9 seat. Mario will either end up in the 8 (very desirable, as now the two biggest fish would be on my friend's immediate right), or someone else will snag the 8 (everyone has priority over Mario...he ends up in whatever seat is left), effectively stealing the Jesus Seat.

Here is what I said in the email:

"The problem with sliding left is that another good player might snag your Jesus seat. If you can guarantee mario gets it, you've upgraded to a Zeus seat and get a thunder stick and bad ass hat."

So, my new term, is the Zeus Seat. You can transform a Jesus Seat into a Zeus Seat if:

1. You currently have the Jesus Seat.
2. The incoming player is the new biggest fish.
3. The empty seat is on your left.
4. You successfully slide into it and the new player sits in your old seat.

Tommy Angelo, eat your heart out :)


Dave said...

Just to make this crystal clear, in your hierarchy of deities, Zeus > Jesus? Please also rank the following deities:

- Buddha
- Poseidon
- Mohammed
- The Flying Spaghetti Monster
- Cal Ripken

jesse8888 said...

I simply can't waste material like this in the comments section. New post later today :)

Tommy Angelo said...

"Tommy Angelo, eat your heart out :)"

Consider it eaten. :-)

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