Thursday, October 30, 2008

[x] 10th post of the month

I posted a goal on 2 plus 2 that I would manage to write 10 blog entries this month. Here is the tenth. My other goals from that thread are meeting with mixed results (I managed to play enough hours, post enough hands on 2p2 and entries here, but failed to work out enough or achieve full disclosure on my poker playing career).

The last two days of poker have gone quite well, with me taking home about 2000 dollars in chips over 13 or so hours of play. Here are the actual results:

29-Oct 20/40 Limit Bay 101 551
29-Oct 40/80 Limit Bay 101 464
30-Oct 6/12 Limit Bay 101 -12
30-Oct 20/40 Limit Bay 101 975

I played some 40/80 yesterday because a new super fish was in town and put his name on the list. I shamelessly followed him when he changed 20/40 tables, and as soon as he asked the floor person to put him up for 40, I walked over and put my name right behind him. The 40/80 game works differently than the 20/40. Heres how:

At 20/40, there are between 2 and 4 tables and you can change from one to another if you like. The floor(wo)man will manage the situation, and you just have to ask for a change; when one becomes available, you'll be asked if you want to move. The only catch is that if you accept the move, you must do so instantly (no more hands at your current table) and you have to post to enter the game at the new table.

At 40/80 there are usually 2 tables, one being the "Main Game" and the other being the "Must Move". All new players start in the "Must Move" game. When someone leaves it, he is replaced from the wait list. When someone leaves the "Main Game", he is replaced from the most senior member of the "Must Move" game, who is then replaced from the wait list.

These differences may seem trivial, but I assure you they are not. If you see 2 of your favorite fish in the 40/80 game, you can't just get to their table. If they are in the "Main Game" it could take several hours before you could play with them. If they are in the "Must Move" and you are 6th on the wait list, by the time you get there they will likely have been moved to the "Main Game". The only way to ensure that you get to play with your favorite fish is therefore to sign up right after them; that way, you can follow them through both games.

Anyway, my 40/80 shot was pretty uneventful. I only played for 30 minutes, won a few pots, made two bad mistakes, and picked up my chips when it went 4 handed. I won 5 big bets, which was nice, but I realized I had been playing a bit scared and decided to cut out while I was still ahead. In general yesterday I feel that I played pretty bad, with a few specific hands where I was just a bit too passive. For example, on a flop of 543 and while holding pocket 6s, I simply checked and called a bet on the flop. And on a board of J86-6-2 while holding J8 (it was soooooted...and I was on the button), my favorite lag-fish check/raised/4-bet the flop and I merely called him down on the turn and river. The pot was 3 handed on the turn, and I should have popped it one more time because of the player in the middle who was still drawing (there were 2 hearts on board). Instead I wimped out and called Tom down, only to be shown KJ (which my hand beats).

Today, on the other hand, I played like a rock-star, making only one mistake I can think of (and that involved calling a river bet with trip aces, so how bad can it be) and in general owning people. To wit...I have Q5 of clubs in the big blind and bet out on a flop of QJ3 with one club. I am raised and elect to call only, heads up. I call only because the player is very laggy and will barrel off relentlessly in an effort to get me to fold. The turn is the Ace of clubs, and I check and call him again (the 4th club almost made me change my plan, but I stuck to just calling him down). The river was another ace, and I just checked and called again. My opponent showed 9-Ten for...Ten high...four to a straight though.

I won a grand and called it a night early, as it was time to come home to carve my pumpkin. In closing, I give you this. All Philly fans are lunatics.

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