Sunday, October 12, 2008

11 days without a loss

Here are my last two days:

10-Oct 20/40 Limit Bay 101 56
11-Oct 20/40 Limit Bay 101 1468

Both days were long (8.5 and 7 hours, respectively), and relatively boring. On the 10th my heatering ways continued at first, as I struck out to a +1500 start. Then I started to lose, things got worse, and I started to tilt a little, and I then I ran even worse, and then all of a sudden I was stuck 200 bucks. I played a bit more, won back to +500, then played a couple of hands like a complete idiot and left when Danielle called me to inform me that the dogs had gotten into a fight (both dogs sustained only minor injuries, but I can imagine it was pretty scary; Danielle had to use a chair to separate them). The final nail in my coffin on the 10th happened on this hand:

Marco (old white guy who plays higher, isn't that good and is sometimes spastic), raises one limper. I 3-bang AKo, the big blind (a horrific loose passive donkey on a huge heater) takes 2 to the face, the limper calls, and Marco...caps. Marco's physical image gets the best of me here; old white guys don't cap light in 4 handed pots, usually. We all call and off we go:

Q93 rainbow

The first two players check to Marco, who...checks. I decide "IT'S A TARP!!!" and check behind. Mistake number 1. A bet is mandatory in a pot of this size.

6, completing the rainbow

BB donks saying "I guess my hand is good". He has a nine. I know he has a nine, or perhaps something like pocket Tens. Both players fold in between. I raise. He looks at me (he doesn't know me from Adam, and doesn't know the only hand left in my range is AK), and says "you slow playing queens over there?" He almost folds. I will him to fold with my brain. But he doesn't fold, he calls, because as I said he's a donkey on a heater.

River 2

He checks, I bet (mistake number 2). He of course calls and I table Ace high. He tables 98 of clubs for one pair, and is very, very proud of himself. He says "if you bet the flop I fold" and I laugh at the absurdity of it. Folding a pair that not only might be the best hand but has 5 outs to make a very strong hand getting 17:1 would be a substantially worse play than open-raising 72o under the gun in a 9 handed game. The problem is, he's probably telling the truth. Wow did I make a mess of that one.

My session yesterday, Saturday the 11th, was pretty uneventful. I made two mistakes early on (missing a value bet on the river when my nut flush draw turned into a pair of aces...I tried to check and call, but my opponent checked behind...this was an obvious bet, but a small mistake...and failing to 3-bet from the small blind in a steal situation, allowing the big blind to come into the pot and win it with 2 pair, fives and sixes....this is completely inexcusable), but didn't let them get to me and had great cooperation from the deck. In the end I booked an almost 3 rack win, then stupidly left all my cash in my lock-box, even though I'm planning to go play for a few hours at the Oaks today before my softball game....time to hit the ATM....


I also did this, which was probably the worst/best suck out of my entire life. And to close out the post, I haven't had a losing day of poker in my last 11 attempts, and won over 5K this week alone. Life is beautiful.

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TiocfaidhArLa said...

Nice run, mate. I can't recall the number but Doyle Brunson recounts in Super/System a 48(?) or so winning session streak which is his best ever after having surgery. Good luck.

I've been away for a few weeks and just caught up on a number of posts. Seems like you're well and truly back in the sadlle which is good to see.

Look forward to keeping up on your continued successes ...