Monday, October 6, 2008

The heat goes on

I have not had a day of losing poker since Friday, September 26th. Since that day I have won over 7000 dollars. After a long stretch of not winning much and breaking even for dozens and dozens of hours, it feels great to be back to winning some serious cash. Today I posted a 550 dollar win in 7 hours at Bay 101, even though this happened. I've never seen a player like this guy before (we call him "The Hippy" because he has long red hair). He usually will tell you exactly what he has, and he will usually be telling the truth. The last two times I've played with him, however, he's been on a sort of "perma-heater", winning racks and racks of chips with stuff like 73s and 85 off. It's kind of tough to take, as he's a pretty arrogant guy who really likes to hear himself talk. I make do though....

Friday night was a very interesting session indeed. I ended up being at Bay 101 for almost 14 hours, taking a long lunch break in the middle of the day to justify playing so long. Also, around 7pm, a friendly regular named Rusty (who is a member of AORBS) took it upon himself to order 2 bottles of wine for the table. Shortly thereafter 2 more were produced, and I am told that the table consumed, all told, 8 bottles (I was told this today by the bearded man himself...I left the table somewhere around bottle 6 because it honestly wasn't a very good game). After starting off stuck 2200, I eventually made it all the way back to +500, then proceeded to dust off an entire rack in my last orbit on three coolers and cash out +87 dollars on poker for the day. I did, however, lose 300 dollars playing Red/Black (before the cards or dealt one of you takes red, the other black. whichever color "wins the flop" is the winner). This guy is a regular who thinks he's hot shit, when in actually he's just a LAG (loose aggressive player) who tends to go on tilt. Anyway he kind of challenged me to it and we did it once for 100 bucks, and I lost humorously (I picked red, but we then both forgot I did so, and ended up flipping to the other sides 10 seconds later), and then I lost two more times (once on the next hand, where I was dealt pocket aces and scooped a 600 doller pot), and once about 20 minutes later when I was feeling lucky. Needless to say he won all 3 and I was sad :(

I guess that about wraps it up, but a closing note: Since my shot started on August 1st, my win-rate for live 20/40 is 70 dollars per hour.

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