Thursday, October 9, 2008

More like the world, bud...

Today was my day off from poker, and I spent it doing a lot of stuff I didn't really want to do. I woke up at 11am and decided that today would be the day I finally tried to buy some stock, because I felt the sky was about done falling. Let's just say that was a stupid idea, as I lost 5% between 11:30 and the 1pm market close. Alas. I talked to my friend Tony, who works in the "money industry" and asked him "So the United States was over-valued by 40%? Really?" and his response was "More like the world, bud".

Then I decided to book my flight home for Christmas. I had everything looked up on Expedia and was settled on a flight. I clicked on it, and got this back:

Your price has changed

Please be aware
We're sorry, the price of this flight has changed from $525.00 to $2,317.00

flight $2,267.99 + $49.01 taxes & fees = $2,317.00
5:50 am Depart San Francisco (SFO)
Arrive Pittsburgh (PIT) 2:56 pm
Tue 23-Dec
Duration: 6hr 6mn
United United 1184 / United 7510 operated by /UNITED EXPRESS/SHUTTLE AMERICA7510

Connect in Denver (Denver Intl.)

6:00 am Depart Pittsburgh (PIT)
Arrive San Francisco (SFO) 10:47 am
Mon 29-Dec
Duration: 7hr 47mn
United United 1154 / 885

Connect in Chicago (ORD)

Preview seat availability Pick a different flight Accept price and continue

It wasn't even a stale search....I had just researched, found the flight I wanted, and clicked on "Choose this Flight". The whole process took maybe 15 seconds. So I called my friend Chris who is an expert at this sort of thing and he found me a decent flight home for less than I was gonna pay for that one in the first place. Thanks Chris!

All of a sudden it was 3pm, and I hadn't even worked out or watched my Netflix. As usual, TV won the battle and I watched possibly the worst movie of all time. Yeesh. I mean, there is no redemption at the end here, none whatsoever. He just...goes to sleep? So by this point I've spent 90 minutes booking a flight, lost 500 dollars on a stock I bought 4 hours ago, and wasted 2 hours of my life. Next time I take a day off, I think I'll try coding something....

Yesterday's session, about which I just realized I have not yet reported, was another matter entirely. I won just over 4 racks and called it quits after 5 hours, and my assault was quickly reported on the two plus two mid stakes low content thread. Every hour or so somebody would ask me about "that big black guy" that was playing in my game last night, and I got to retell the story of doing a shot with Lamont Jordan.

In the evening I went with Danielle to play some 4/8 O8 at Artichoke Joe's on their Lightning Poker Table and managed to win over 100 dollars while drinking beer playing a game in which I barely know the rules. It's completely random, though, and had I known what I was doing it would have been closer to 200.

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Dave said...

Fortunately, I was out of town on Thursday and Friday, or I would have made the same mistake. I just bought some stock today, and so far, so good. Of course, I've been wiped out while on vacation...

"I talked to my friend Tony, who works in the "money industry" and asked him "So the United States was over-valued by 40%? Really?" and his response was "More like the world, bud"."

So, where are all of these brilliant finance people who actually knew this was coming? I can't take any of these morons seriously again.