Tuesday, October 21, 2008

All of a sudden it's been a week

So tonight I'm on my way home from Bay 101 and I'm thinking "Man, I really should write something for my blog, it's been like 3 or 4 days". Turns out it's been a week, and my sense of time passing is about as corrupted as I suspected. Alas. Here are my results since October 15th:

15-Oct 20/40 Limit Bay 101 1062
16-Oct 20/40 Limit Bay 101 -851
17-Oct 20/40 Limit Bay 101 -20
18-Oct 8/16 Limit Bay 101 104
18-Oct 20/40 Limit Bay 101 -474
19-Oct 6/12 Limit Ajs 50
19-Oct SNG Ajs -20
20-Oct 6/12 Limit Bay 101 -14
20-Oct 20/40 Limit Bay 101 160
21-Oct 20/40 Limit Bay 101 981

Basically, I haven't been doing that great the last week, but have managed to keep my head above water. I've taken some pretty serious beats/chops, such as this hand where I flop a set of aces and proceed to lose 300 dollars, and this one where I flop the stone cold nuts, put in four thousand bets, only to get rivered out of half of it on the river.

Today I did something I wasn't terribly proud of yet could absolutely not resist. I'd been playing at a table for a while and losing pretty badly. Against a very aggressive player I'd turned a flush heads up, only to put 5 bets in drawing dead against his nut flush. Anyway, I eventually table change and find the most delightful species of fish there is; the super loose passive. This guy played over 90% of his hands preflop. 2 bets? 63 suited? Call. Folded to me on the button? I have King Jack off? Call. He was incredibly awful. When I sat down he had about 5 racks (2500) in front of him, and I could tell he was going to bleed it all off over the next few hours (the prop told me, while he was away, that he'd started with more than that even). I hunkered down and slowly but surely he lost all his money. Then he got up, asked the dealer to hold his seat, and disappeared. The rule of thumb is that you get 20 minutes before they sell your seat. This guy apparently called the floor man, from the road, to inform him that he was going to the bank and would be back soon. 35 minutes later he sits down with a fresh 5 hundo and puts in for a table change.

Here is the moment where I go super asshole. I put in for a table change right behind him. Now, I wasn't even the first guy to do it (funny shirt guy beat me to it), but I still felt bad. After losing his new rack of chips, this mega fish is changed to table 35, and I get a change 2 minutes after him. Miraculously the seat that is becoming available is on his immediate left, and I almost fall down over myself walking over to put chips in it (as a rule of thumb, once you have your chips down, the seat is yours. if you're a new player and you don't yet have chips down, often the players at the table will jockey for position, playing an odd dance of musical chairs). To my astonishment not a soul objects, and I get 2 more hours of time in the Jesus seat. I own the guy repeatedly, he buys another 500, then eventually goes busto. I practically follow him to the cage, waiting only long enough for him to clear out so he won't see me (he had like 3 blue chips to change) and the entire table just laughs at the situation. One guy, who is actually pretty sharp if not much of a poker player, says "So that's what it meant when you followed me over there last week?!"


Iron Mic said...

Sharky follow fishy to cage.. ahm ahm ahm. Thanks for the report, had to get my blog fix. Quick question: Aside from marking and following a cash cow to another table, is there any other parameters you have for table changing? Could you beat a tight-passive, short stacked table for example? What kind of tables do you up and leave from, and how long does it take to recognize it? Thanks Jesse.

CT said...

What do you think about multiple players playing out of the same bankroll Jessie? I.E. Sometimes they'll put in raise, reraise to knock the third guy out of the hand, who doesn't know they're in colluding.

IMHO, following the fish is standard, I wouldn't feel bad about that one... unless it scared him away for good that is.