Sunday, October 21, 2012

Post on 2p2

I just posted this on 2p2 and figured I'd share it here as well

1. LOL Jets 

2. The steelers did everything they could to let that game get completely out of hand and eventually lose, but the bungles simply would not allow it.

3. The following story is not for the weak of stomach

Commerce 40 game is just amazing like it always is and I am buried as usual. A decent player raises up front, three players call, and I make smoov on the button with the King and the jack double soooted. The books, they say you should not play this hand for two bets, but I disagreed at the moment because my ego told me I was good enough to play the hand super duper well and beat my opponents for some sklansky bucks since most of them are actually mentally handicapped. Some of the blinds call, I don't know, the flop comes off 6-7 handed. I think one guy was dealt out probably cause that's pretty low.


Great flop for my hand, right? The PFR fires a bet, two players call, and I make the peeling motion. I mean what could possibly go wrong here, right? The PFR just has me dominated drawing at 3 outs (or zero) like half the time, and two commerce 40 players just made SMOOOOV on the 772 flop they could NEVER have the triple sevens here no not a chance. One of the blinds call, I guess the other 1-2 players folded but we are 5 ways to the turn.

772r - KING BALL!

Thank you kindly for the one time dealer the blind checks the PFR checks and now spewmaster number 704 bets more than in rhythm. I'm not sure exactly what I mean by that, but he wasn't just in rhythm, he was more than in rhythm. He was....extremely in rhythm. Spewmaster 705 folds, but then spewmaster 706 (that's me) decides he needs to RAIZEITUPBABY OH YEAH TOP PEAR! thinking "hey there are two players behind me big pot gotta protect the merchandise" which of course is completely idiotic they are both drawing stone dead or at two outs about 94.3% of the time. Oh yes I remember now, the small blind went all in like two streets ago, probably on the preflop, that's why I wasn't sure how many people were in this abortion. Anyway, the big blind and the pfr fold and obviously number 704 fires in the three bet just as fast as humanly possible. I mean we're talking greasy fast catch the chicken and scream YO ADRIANNE fast here. Suddenly the last two brain cells in my head actually begin to fire and I realize that I have seen this movie before, and even though the guy appears to be on a kamikaze mission (he has only 7 chips or so left) I make the EXPERT lay down. I mean really, how could he ever not have the triple sevens here, right? Right. So he turns over his hand and it is in fact the triple sevens and the all in player waits patiently for the river which is


before mucking his hand and that's pretty much how I roll.

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AdamStover01 said...

I can only say 'oof.'

Misplayed on every street? But kudos to you for posting it anyways. Most people shy away from their spew, but embracing your mistakes and saying "fucking never again" is definitely healthy for your winrate.