Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gratuitous Bad Beat

I open KK, lady 3-bets, the table lag fish calls the BB I cap 3 ways. This exact thing happened 2 laps ago and I got to demolish the lady's KK with my AA.


I bet they call


I bet she raises he tank calls I 3-bet she calls he now wakes up and 4-bets I can only call she folds lol


Now remember, he call/back capped the turn and called 2 cold preflop. He can't just have a naked 6. A turn line that absurd is almost certainly a full house, hopefully 99. So I raise him anyway, he 3-bets and I fail to fold. He shows me 96o for the stone cold one outter in a 22 bet pot.

And I wonder how I lost $12k playing 60 the last two days.

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