Monday, October 1, 2012

Early Schedule

I am now on the leave the house at 5:30am schedule. Day one has been a pretty big fail, since I've played so far 90 minutes of short poor 60/120. However, there are two bright spots. Firstly, KMS is off the wagon and just ordered his 3rd $2 Coors Light (happy hour runs until 8am, apparently). And secondly, a man just bought in for $600 with, and I am not kidding here, $5 bills. In all my days playing live poker I do not think I have ever seen such a thing, and according to Pete's theory (the larger the instrument of buy in the better the player) I should be in for a real treat.


Wacky said...

Is this new schedule voluntary on your part? I haven't gotten up that early on a regular basis in a long time? All this just to beat the commute? Is LA traffic really that bad from the hours of 10am to 4pm?

I know you that are a morning person and that you like to spend your evenings with your girlfriend who if she is anything like I hear from other Google engineers works mad hours, but I mean really, all this just to avoid traffic? You must really hate driving or something. Take the bus, carpool with someone, or get audio books so as to not feel as you are wasting time in the car.

I don't know, just some suggestions. Unless you really like the early morning schedule and can handle it and going to bed early. I would think the games are better in the evenings after work, but want do I know. I don't regularly play the LA scene.

Pid Koker said...

i am disappointed no pics