Tuesday, October 2, 2012

[ ] Enough

40/80 Texas at 6:45am is a strange beast. I open the 98dd in the HJ and the small blind speech calls. He's a fish but every call requires a speech at this time of day apparently. DL Danny (famous overnight smash every draw on every turn Danny) slow calls the big blind. I turn to the player next to me and say "Danny didn't three bet he must have a BIG hand" and then forget I said it.


Danny donk/3 and my brain just shuts down. I have the nuts who cares, right? I just call and raise the turn


He 3s in his take forever theatrics are important way and I just snap 4 bet. He tank 5-bets and I decide to just call, forgetting what I knew preflop.


He tanks so long I eventually decide he wants to c/r 98ss, then thinks better of it and bets. I call meekly and get shown JJ. In addition to this hand he has screw/play/folded the turn vs me HU twice so far...think about that. I've been here 70 minute we've had 2 setups and the game stalled once.

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