Monday, August 20, 2012

Little Updates

The Crisis of Confidence seems to be over.  I did exactly what a few people suggested, which was to take a "vacation".  Danielle and I spent 5 days on the east coast, mostly attending a wedding.  Thursday we walked around Boston for literally 11 hours straight, doing, for those of you familiar:

Depart Kendall Square.  Meander through MIT, including Killian and the Green Building.  See research on display from Danielle's UROP in like 2003.  See the Chapel and La Verde's.  Cross the bridge.  Walk down Comm Ave over towards Sigma Kappa House.  Public Gardens.  Walk around Fens.  Check in on the house, browse composites and pledge class table.  Woody's.  Reflecting pool.  Mary Baker Eddy museum and maparium, and secret shoe store.  Walk down Comm Ave to Boston Commons, then all the way to Mike's pastries for one cannolli.  Watch break dancing street performers, meander to Charles, watch sunset, then pour house for dinner, then back down Mass ave and down the infinite back to Kendall square.  Awesome day.

Then Friday it was off to Mystic, Connecticut for a day of best man duties, followed by the wedding Saturday (I knocked the toast out of the park) then a brunch Sunday, then a 12 hour travel ordeal involving Danielle doing everything possible to get us to miss our flight but somehow some way still not succeeding.  We were roughly one hour from the front of the security line 22 minutes before our flight was scheduled to depart, cut on our own, and got to the gate at 2 minutes before take off, only to find the plane was delayed by 30 minutes.

In short, I guess I'm back in the saddle.  The bike has re-hired five 40/80 props and should have 1.5 games every day, which is great.  I've lost 5.6 pounds in 7 weeks, which means I need to pick up the pace, but in general things are just..good.

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