Thursday, August 23, 2012


This is the text of an email I sent to Danielle just now. I was phoneless (or more accurately charger-less) this AM, which caused me to fuck up the day pretty horrifically.

Drove to bike arrived at 9:55. As I plugged in my phone a text from Kim stamped 9:50 (I'd have made it easily) buzzed "where you at dumbass 60 starting super good". Bike Game started 5 handed at 10:30 because Kevin took everyone golfing. I knew about the event but thought it was tomorrow.

Then Annie the host quit our 40 game to leave it 7 handed because she was up $2000. So I spite quit and drove to commerce.

3rd 40 was starting I locked a seat but Dien kicked me out because "I have a long board". I played 5 hands (no joke) of 20 before a player requested a setup in a 6 handed game. Meanwhile the 3rd 40 started 7 handed. Of course the 20 immediately broke and I took the seat I should have had in the 40, which is now 5 handed and about to break.

Grrrrrrr indeed. Thanks for listening hope your day is better.

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