Tuesday, August 28, 2012

He Hate Me

These posts don't even really have themes anymore, so here is how things have been going lately.  Somehow I have logged 150 hours this month (with 3 full days of play left, no less) despite taking a long trip for the wedding and seemingly not really trying that hard.  This is...comforting.  My target number is always 150 hours (that makes 1800 for the year go tech) and I've hit it every month but February, which seems just reasonable, you know, what with the only 29 days and all.  I feel like maybe I'm actually playing too much, but I guess if it's not really wearing on me I should continue.  But it could be wearing on me and I might not know it...last night while describing a player to Danielle I said "it's like, why don't you just die" and she got pretty upset.  And she's definitely right;  I should never say that about anyone, even a high stakes reg who thinks it's her job to make me uncomfortable and call me a pussy really for no reason whatsoever.  Like, I'm sorry the games aren't as soft as they used to be and you can't make $500k a year just playing ABC white chip poker.  I know I'm part of the problem, but seriously just chill out.  Live and let live, you know?  At least that's the way I used to talk.  I used to give Danielle serious crap for ever judging anyone, for calling people stupid, for not giving people a chance.  And here I am saying somebody should literally just die.  That's not very like me, you know?  Poker changes you, and not really for the better.  Along these same lines the fish that I got barred from the Bike for running off apparently went on stone cold rage tilt yesterday, cursing and screaming and, from what I gather, saying he was going to shoot me.  Yes, you got that right.  Shoot me.  I wasn't even in the building (I was blowing my brains out in the Commerce 1/2 my word if I could just not lose in that game I'd have all the money), and my phone almost jumped out of my pants as soon as it happened.  Obviously I'm not really worried this is just the mad ramblings of a senile old man, but it would be funny as shit to actually go to the police and attempt to get a restraining order.  But that's effort and trouble I don't need.  I need to live and let live, you know?  I was at the Bike today...I saw him.  He probably saw me.  I didn't get shot.  Winning.

Poker itself is going great, other than the aforementioned 1/2 brain blow-age.  And  now that I look at it it hasn't even been that bad, really.  I've lost like 8 racks the last two times I've played, which is a totally reasonable outcome when you're Jesus seating the whale.  Like, the game just gets so huge so fast in that position, you're in every pot, and if things don't work out there isn't a whole lot you can really do.  He keeps the game pretty darn honest, so if you can't produce winners you can't, you know...win.  But having three (those two, and one other) crippling losses (for more than 100 40/80 bets) just makes it hard to gain much ground, no matter how many hours you grind in god mode in the smaller games.  I have played a fair bit at the bike, actually, booking I think 50 or so hours, which has been a nice change of pace.  My rule of thumb is that if I can't get into a good commerce 60 (and the 1/2 isn't running) just head to the bike and play til it breaks (ish).  Today that had me coming home at 4:30, which isn't ideal, but I still played over 6 hours which is basically fine.

Weight loss...fair to middling.  I'm putting down numbers in the 166 range now, which is 6 pounds below where I started, but we're like 9 weeks in.  I don't think I'll be able to make it all the way to 156 without a serious push, and I might just not have such a thing in me.  But I'll keep going as best I can, since losing 10 pounds would still be swell.

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