Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crisis Of Confidence

It's been kind of weird, but lately I just haven't felt like, you know, "dealing" with the whole poker thing.  I took an entire day off last week, while Danielle was at girl scout camp no less.  Then I bailed out Sunday to hang out with Dos Equis and Sailboats (and pummel them at brick and mortar carcasonne).  I took half of Tuesday off, too, even passing on getting into a 1/2 game built around a monster of the midway because I just didn't...feel up to it.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I've played 85 hours in 16 days, which is just fine, but I've been having some trouble grinding it out at least the last week or so.  It could have to do with taking some big losses in the 1/2 (well, sort of...I turned $12K into $4k, then lost 7 the next time I played, so that's a 6 or 7 rack downer in like 9 hours or something stupid), but I'm not so sure.  I've just sorta been losing focus.  I have some time off planned the next few weeks (the weddings are coming the weddings are coming!) so hopefully that will help me recharge (and not further demotivate me).

Objectively things are great.  Even with those big 1/2 losses I keep piling up the money.  I've only had one losing month this year, way back in February, and basically I've been able to do no wrong whatsoever since the day I quit the Bike prop job.  But I'm a little on edge, a little worried, a little uncomfortable, and I'm not really sure why.

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