Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jesse Plays Good (ish)

Commerce 40 and the CO opens. I've played with him a good bit, he is a standard self taught laggy Asian guy. He doesn't know it, but his game is super unbalanced and based entirely on exploitation. It's just how he plays. I 3 bet 77 in the SB and we go headsup to the flop


All things considered that's pretty good. I bet and he goes to call, then obviously audibles at the last second and slings in 8 chips, 4 from each hand. That's weird. I call since any other option would be insane.

T84-3 completing the rainbow

I check and call. Here is the fun part


Have you ever heard the expression "you check you win"? That's exactly where we are now. If he checks he has an 8 or a ten and he wins. But he doesn't check, he bets in rhythm, and I quickly descend to the tank to check my logic. What can't he have?

Big pairs, JJ-KK. He'd maybe cap pre, probably wait til the turn, and never Vbet the river.

One flopped pair. He'd check back now. I'm supposed to have an ace.

A flopped two pair plus. He'd wait til the turn to raise me up.

So what's he got? AT, but that's even unlikely, A8, A4, or a draw. That's it. So I come up for air, call with the walking sticks, and he snap mucks. He immediately takes an out button (we were 4-5 handed) then buys the button for hand two

I open ATo and he defends, HU.


He calls


I check back. Why? To exploit him. I want 2 bets going in with AT, not 3, so I'll raise his river bet. The board pairs the 4 and I do just that. He shakes his head and calls and I win. He looks very, very confused.


avoidthe9to5 said...

excellent play! WHO could beat that hand? I cannot

Todd said...

As a fellow limit grinder, I really enjoy your blog. Can you go into more detail about your line in this hand?
"I check back. Why? To exploit him. I want 2 bets going in with AT, not 3, so I'll raise his river bet. The board pairs the 4 and I do just that." Thanks.

armor35 said...

Todd, I think what Jesse means is that villain is likely to check raise turn with some hands that beats us and some that do not, and then Jesse will have to call down and invest 3 BBs, not 2. But if Jesse raises the river, villain will not 3 bet unless he has the nuts. That's my interpretation, but I might be off.

Todd said...

Thanks armor.

Jesse Smithnosky said...

Armor pretty much nailed it. Against this specific villain I felt I could get away with an extremely exploitative line, making sure I put exactly 2 bets into the pot with a strong (but not invincible) hand. As he says, I'll never fold my hand if I get raised on the turn, but those last two bets will be going in as a pretty big dog in that case. If I get 3-bet on the river UI, I can probably fold pretty safely and easily.

The other advantage here is that I should induce some bluffs from some hands that would have folded the turn. Obviously there are problems, too. Giving a free card can always cost you the pot, and sometimes when he c/r the turn I do still win. But on the whole I thought it was a fun and profitable time to take a strange line.