Monday, July 11, 2011

Vegas Was Fantastic

I cannot stress enough how fantastic of a time I had in Las Vegas. Leo Doc rented a super ballah house for 4 nights and about 8 of us stayed there for the course of the trip. He hosted what could possibly have been my new favorite meal of all time on Friday night (perhaps replacing the steak I ate at the bottom of the Grand Canyon) where we basically doubled the number of people at the house and had a veritable who's who of live mid stakes limit hold 'em (at least from my point of view). In no particular order we had leo doc, surfdoc, howmany, Hammerin' Hank, Joe Tall, Death Donkey, Big Bad Babar, DosXX, DougL, Captain R, myself and perhaps some people I'm forgetting. Surfdoc jumped off the balcony into the pool, then off the wall separating our house from the one next door into...the neighbor's pool. 12 or so bottles of wine were consumed, along with enough steak, lobster, and peach cobbler to sustain some small towns. It was, in short, just fantastic.

The rest of the trip wasn't too shabby either, with the shenanigans ranging from $10 Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em to straight razor shaves at Mandalay Bay to 4/8 mixed game action at the 2p2 meetup. My favorite hand of poker of the trip was scooping howmany and bugstud in a hand of Stud 8. I can't really remember their boards that well cause I mean it was freaking stud, but I had four baby clubs up and had spiked a set on like 5th street, then scooped the entire thing with exactly that; no low, no flush, just a set. It was gross. I probably gained 5 pounds throughout the weekend (lol I just weighed myself at 174, which I think means I've officially gained 10 pounds since the end of the weight loss prop bet, which means it's definitely time to basically do it again), but other than that it was just full of win.

As for poker...meh. Things have been going well, but I've played exactly 7.5 hours of 40/80 in my last 5 shifts, which is simply not enough (especially given I'm winning something like $120/hour in the game for the year). Hopefully things will turn around soon, or else something is going to have to be done.

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localhobbes said...

"12 or so bottles of wine were consumed, along with enough steak, lobster, and peach cobbler to sustain some small towns."

-- I am EXTREMELY jealous... Good job, keep up the good work.