Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bucco Fever

As you may be aware, the Pirates charged into the All Star break not only not out of it, but actually in the very thick of it. Here is a recent email from my father summing up the situation:

When they send these 7 Little Indians back to Indy, Indy is moving to the NL Central and the Strohs are going to the International League.

You people better get all those wild fires put out cause we need the Smoke Jumpers here cause the Burgh is on fire.

And I am tired of all those fucking assholes who say we don't need pro sports teams and stadiums. I have not seen so many smiling, happy people since the pigs ate Doc Benko ( I will have to explain that one to you sometime). I am in such a good mood I saw one hummingbird the other day and I went out today and bought a $17 hummingbird feeder and went the whole way up to Giant Iggle to get red food coloring. Now this is the way to stimulate the economy. Convince every city they are still in it.


Captain R said...

You talk just like your dad. And I can't understand half the things he's saying either.

You'll need to put that through babelfish and give me the translation. This is like poker talk to a person who doesn't play poker.

jesse8888 said...

Welcome to the other side, sir.

Captain R said...

But I have to admit it's f'in hilarious. :-)

Dave said...

Had we made our Pirates-Nats bet this year, you'd be winning by 2 games. Amazing!

(Although, if we had used PECOTA, I'd have spotted you 14 games!)