Sunday, July 17, 2011

Explanation of Bounties

I realized I cut that a little short so here's why you win $100 for catching me playing 20 deuce or drinking a coke zero at the Bike. The caffeine is obvious; it's a drug and I'm using too much of it which is having negative effects on my life. I'm sleeping poorly and having states of extreme tiredness for seemingly no reason. My intake was up to 250+ mg/day which and I think it was actually making my life worse, so I'm stopping.

On the draw games I have a lot of reasons. When we play I'm always tired and not playing well, so it's not like I'm learning; I'm just fucking around. And it's a waste of time (I should go play lhe at commerce) and when I lose (which is always cause I draw bad) I end up on screaming tilt (as per Pete's theory of tilt...the further you are from your comfort zone the less tilt armor you have). So I quit for 2 weeks minimum, and will likely renew the bounties on August 1st.

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