Monday, July 18, 2011


This is roughly a post I just made on 2p2:

I open jacks only 5 people call because I'm locked out of the 40 (where 6-7 would call) and we flop


I bet/3 and he's confused as he only has 1 more chip. I take 3 back cuz we are amazingly headsup

Him: I have a 6
Me: you're in good shape
Dealer: blank blank

He rolls T6dd

Me: A premium holding
Him: I had no money
Me: I can't imagine why
Him: ....


Dan said...

Don't tap the glass, Jesse.

that_pope said...

He didn't tap, he knocked the fucking tank over.

jesse8888 said...

Yeah obviously I shouldn't have said anything but my witty banter got ahead of me. The level of shit talking we do in the Bike 40 really is unlike anything I've ever seen (Pete noticed I had ratcheted up that part of my game when he came to visit a few months back) and sometimes I just can't control myself. For my part the comment was met with chuckles and the guy seems to still like me (he was back the next few days spewing off his dollars like he was double parked with ice cream in the trunk).