Monday, October 4, 2010

LOL, Bicycle Club-Aments

So The Bicycle Club (AKA The Bike) used to be where it was all at in terms of poker. All the old timers tell stories about the glory days at the bike, about whales and dirty floor men and corruption and all sorts of stuff that happened when they played draw poker and low ball which in my mind was like 250 years ago but in actuality occurred in 1987. To make a long story short, the Bike is not what it once was, and is currently paying players $5/hour to play in their 20/40 limit hold 'em game. It's not quite that simple, but it's close. Your first 25 hours pay you $50, and after that you get $5/hour. During certain hours (9am-12pm, 5pm-8pm, and 1am-4am) you get $10/hour, and you have to cash out every month.

Obviously if all things were equal it would be a no brainer for me to give these games a shot. This promotion would amount to nearly $1000 a month for a full time player, perhaps more if you were to arrange your hours to maximize the time you spent getting the full $10/hour. So for the last 4 days I did give the games a shot, and boy did it suck ass.

First of all, the Bike is only 3.8 miles from Commerce, but might as well be in Lithuania. There are like 14 different freeways you can take to get there, and so far in my 6 round trips I have encountered 3 bad traffic jams and two borderline catastrophes. Saturday the 710 was closed (actually closed) and today there was an accident on 22 East (admittedly the road I'd take home from even HG) that cost me like 30 minutes of my life. And second of all, the games are basically terrible. All three days I left because I couldn't justify staying. It's not that these guys are rockstars, but when you've got people literally flinging feces at each other at several other casinos in the area it just doesn't make sense to sit through a usually nitty often downright taggy game for $5/hour. So my great experiment ended after just 3 days and something 17 hours.

In other news, somebody must have cued this guy in about me because I have to say he doesn't beat much on the river:

Full Tilt Poker $2/$4 Limit Hold'em - 9 players
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Pre Flop: (1.5 SB) Hero is BB with 4 Q
UTG calls, 3 folds, MP2 calls, 2 folds, SB calls, Hero checks

Flop: (4 SB) A 3 4 (4 players)
SB checks, Hero bets, UTG calls, MP2 folds, SB folds

Turn: (3 BB) 6 (2 players)
Hero bets, UTG calls

River: (5 BB) 4 (2 players)
Hero bets, UTG calls

Final Pot: 7 BB
Hero shows 4 Q (three of a kind, Fours)
UTG mucks 9 2
Hero wins 6.75 BB
(Rake: $1.00)


Ken said...

A huge part of your range there is 8-2 & 8-5... Who wouldnt play those hands that way?

ExMember said...

Thanks for this. I've been sitting in the $5/$5 no-limit at the Bike, drooling over the promotions in the 20/40 game; the jackpot seeded at $35k, the $5/hr. (I didn't even know about the $10/hr times. Thanks for saving me time and money there.

jesse8888 said...

First of all....define "huge". Admittedly I'm probabaly a little polarized on the river but I'm not sure 92 has a calldown, even with the gutter and over. As 9-high calldowns go I will admit this one is very reasonable.

And on the Bike....the $35K jackpot seed is actually a pretty big deal for regulars I agree. But seriously even a $10/hour comp really isn't enough, especially for me with HG literally located at the midpoint of the drive.