Monday, October 11, 2010

Fantasy Football Update

Just a little update on fantasy football. My teams are 4-1 and 3-1, with the 3-1 match still undecided (we have Dustin Keller and 30 points, he has AP and Shonn Greene). My dad has been doing a wonderful job making sure I have almost zero responsibility, and I've learned a couple more lessons this year.

First of all, if you insist on drafting a "stud" from a shitty team, fine. But for crying out loud don't draft another one from the same team. We had Deangelo Williams and Steve Smith penciled in as number 1s, and Carolina is Like they can't even sustain 6 play drives that result in punts. Holy freaking crap they are awful. Our solution involves Benjarvis Green Ellis, Brian Hartline, a voodoo doll and some pigs blood.

It really is OK to draft a monster QB early, especially in our league where you can start 2 QBs 6 times. We took Peyton with the 10th pick and holy cow is it nice. Plug 'em in and watch him throw 50 balls every week. On that roster we are currently carrying seven (7) WRs, and Peyton gives us that flexibility. At this time last year we were carrying like 4 shitty QBs hoping to find one acceptable starter and routinely getting 8 points out of our flexes.

Also I have relearned that you really can't predict what defense is going to be any good. We have Atlanta (week 4 add) and Pittsburgh (drafted) and basically are just lucky to have them.

And in closing, don't ever draft a guy named Legadu.


Dave said...

To all readers: By all means, take poker advice from Jesse, but not fantasy football advice. Once again, his team is staring up at mine in the standings. He must like the view.

Patrick said...

Shoulda 'reached' for Malcolm Floyd like I supposedly did.

jesse8888 said...

Honestly Dave my fantasy football results have been better than my poker ones so far this season. And yes your dominance is severe, what with us both being 4-1, and you outscoring us 582 to 574 on the season.

Dave said...

Don't forget the head-to-head whooping!