Wednesday, October 27, 2010

But It Was Soooted

Rip roarin' 8 handed 20/40 game, UTG, +1, and +2 limp, HJ raises, CO 3 bets, button says "I think they're trying to chase me out" while calling 3 cold. I behold the 87dd and, for the first time in my life perhaps, call 3 bets stone cold. Somehow the big blind and UTG fold, but +1 puts on the spew cap. +2 also folds everyone else calls 5 ways 23 bets. Button says "one for the road dealer".


Button cries out "It's a Christmas Miracle!" and CO bets anyway....button raises, I just call, spew capper calls, HJ folds, CO 3s, we all call. I think I'm supposed to cap here but am not sure. 35 small bets.


We all call the COs bet. 21.5 big bets.


Ding ding ding I donk of death in rhythm, button says "I can't believe you play that crap!" CO calls I declare "But it was sooted!"

EZ Game IMO.

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