Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's Becoming a Theme

Yesterday as I was leaving Hawaiian Gardens at 4:15 and noticing just how beautiful the weather was outside (it had stopped raining...gasp yes it does rain in Souther California, more than the locals would have you believe I think...for the first time in a week) I thought to myself "wouldn't it be nice to go home and actually enjoy the rest of your Saturday?" Of course I did no such thing, went to Commerce, immediately won a rack and a half, considered again leaving but did not because I had only played like 4 hours on the day, stuck around for 3 more hours and light 3 racks on fire to book a $1000 loss for the day. Today I watched the Steelers luckbox their way to a 5th victory (it was a very strange game...they could have been down like 17 to 3, but should have been winning like 17 to 0, when the score was in fact 7-6....then there was just an unbelievable clock mis-management at the half, and the third Ben fumble at the end of the game and just wow) and instead of going surfing with Danielle decided to stay home for a few hours of online play. And this is what happened. At least I got some rake back.


Captain R said...

That was a sick strike 3 though, wasn't it?

bravos1 said...

Next time I'm down there, I'll give you more than a 2 minute heads-up and we'll catch up.

BTW, that game totally pissed me off for the The final fumble was the last straw. Dolphins should have won imo.

jesse8888 said...

First of all, yes Captain that was a nice ring up. The ump definitely had a sense of the moment, which could perhaps be considered bad. And bravos yes more than 2 minutes notice for a dinner invite generally increases the chances I will come out. I forgot you were a Dolphins fan completely, though. That was an ugly game, and both teams can make the claim that they should have won by 17 points. I actually agree with the ref's call and think there is a decent chance (20%) that Legursky recovered that fumble. His name is freakin' Legursky, that alone has to be good for something.