Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boom Boom

So there is this Asian guy in my game named Richard who is actually freaking hilarious. Most of the players in my games who talk non-stop are real ass hats, but he is constantly busting their balls and just today declared that most of them need to go back to kindergarten. He's just funny.

So this Asian woman is walking around with an automated blood pressure taker cuff thingamabob and for some reason he calls her over to take his blood pressure. She obliges and the cuff goes on and before you know it we have a reading:


The look on her face is one of serious concern, and she suggests to him that he go home and take some rest. His response:

Richard: "Sure, go home make boom boom"

Doctor lady: "No! No more boom boom for you!"

Richard: "I can't live without boom boom!"

Doctor lady: "Boom boom could kill you!"

Richard: "Then I'll die happy"

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Dan said...

Ha! Outstanding!