Thursday, March 11, 2010

[x] Games Are Good

These 20-40 games are truly amazing. A player whom, after several sessions, I have deemed as one of the better regulars, changes to my table. He posts in like the HJ of a 7 handed game and promptly calls my UTG raise. The BB comes along and we flop:


Since I have black jacks I deem this "good". BB checks and I bet. Mr. Poster turbo raises and I delight at my good fortune. He has like 2-5 outs with his TX and is building my pot. The BB even calls. I 3-bet and they both call.


To the naked eye this card seems scary but it really isn't that bad. My opponents put in some action on the flop, so they should have something already. I suppose an ace high spade draw or like A6 is possible, but I have to bet. They both call. Time to dodge 10 cards again.


BB checks and I fire the last shot. Poster calls, BB mucks. I declare "jacks" and he fastrolls AQo. Now I'm not really good at keeping a straight face in situations like this. Like seriously wow...let's recap.

Preflop: let's post too close to the button. AQo? I call...wouldn't want to raise such a weak holding.

Flop: let's turn AQ high into a stone bluff in a 3 way pot against an UTG raiser. Oh he three bet? I call.

Turn: I spiked my hand and beat everythig except 3 sets of tens and 1 set of aces. Also the BB is obviously drawing. I better just call.

River....well ok that's alright. But seriously this is a guy I thought was pretty good by local standards.

And another gem a few hands later....I raise my BB with KK in like a 5 way pot. Everyone calls and the board falls:


That's fantastic. Even this veritible army of yoekels is gonna have a tough time chasing down cowboys on that board. I bet and UTG calls. Everyone else mucks.


He calls again.


Yeesh. I bet hoping this extremely passive guy has balled up with a queen. He calls and fastrolls A5dd, explaining to all that will listen "straight draw flush draw". I'm gonna like it here.

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