Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Wish I Had Good News

But really I don't. I went to Commerce today for a short-ish (5 hour) session and lost 3 racks in the 20/40 game. Details are blurry at best, but I did go 0-4 with AA and KK. Well I mean honestly that pretty much wraps it up right there; you're supposed to win something like 2 big bets per trial with those hands and I instead probably lost 15-20 so two of my racks can be accounted for right there. My table was fantastic for most of the evening but I just couldn't make a hand. For the last two orbits as I sat watching 6-7 way pots go off without me (the action once literally limped around to me on the button with all 6 players entering the pot and peeled back the hammer....the very next hand it was 4 limpers to me in the CO and I picked up his cousin, 83o). Eventually I just gave up and walked my remains to the cage.

I made the left out of the parking lot and said to myself "Self, turning right on Washington Blvd to go under the 5 and sit in that light is silly. You should try just continuing south down Telegraph Road for a mile or two and see if there is an easier way to get on the freeway. Ah, fuck it, I'll just go the way I know." Upon turning onto the on ramp what do I see? A parking lot. 10 minutes ago Google Maps reported smooth sailing. I spend the next 45 minutes sitting on the ramp, then eventually getting routed off 5 at the next exit, then looping back under it and getting back on Telegraph road (a point to which I could have traveled in literally 2 minutes from leaving Commerce) and eventually getting home almost 90 minutes later. That was horrible.

I did however play 400 hands online today and won something like $150, and watched 2/3rds of the second episode of Babar's series on DeucesCracked. So all was not lost. Just money.

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